Whiskey Tasting - Vince Young Steakhouse, Austin

Tastings are not always exclusive to wine. Here are tasting notes from a small selection of fine whiskeys I recently enjoyed. 

Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13 Year - This was beautiful. As would be expected from a label that reads, "From Pappy Van Winkle's Private Stock". Vanilla came through early, with spice and pepper on the finish.

Jefferson's Presidential Select 25 Year - Also delicious, and my favorite of the four. Maple and wood surrounded spices. Smooth.

Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye 6 Year - A great contrast of sweet and spicy, all in one.

Colonel E. H. Taylor Small Batch - The lightest of the four, with sweetness and buttery smoothness.

The bar at Vince Young Steakhouse is massive, with a selection of wine, spirits, and craft beers to match! They were completely understaffed for my dinner experience during SXSW, but the bar alone is enough to bring me back for another try.

Vince Young Steakhouse - 301 San Jacinto, Austin, TX  78701