Best Of SXSW Austin Wine Service & Dining

In Austin for the always insane SXSW Interactive, which now includes expansive food and beverage programming, there was not sufficient brain power or time for a proper tasting. Also, as always, I enjoyed a good selection of wine lists and experiences.

Chez Nous wine list

Chez Nous wine list

Wine lists

  1. Carmelo’s 
  2. Chez Nous - Small and fun, encouraging your French experimentation with several by the glass choices.
  3. Second Bar + Kitchen 
  4. Max's Wine Dive - Good opportunities to try bottles that were opened the day before, but larger pours would be even more attractive.
  5. Vince Young Steakhouse 


  1. Carmelo’s - Fast, frequent, and everyone is smiling.
  2. Chez Nous - Service from five people in a small, cozy space. Accommodating and on-point.
  3. Second Bar + Kitchen - Great from the start, when the hostess noticed the table wobbled and worked on the base until it was balanced.
  4. Biscuits & Groovy - Service from a food trailer? A great display of anticipation, from what to eat, to where to find coffee around the corner.
  5. Old Pecan Street Cafe - They were happy to seat and serve us five minutes before close. 
Gin & Jam at Second Bar + Kitchen

Gin & Jam at Second Bar + Kitchen


  1. Chez Nous - Lyonnaise salad with bacon, lamb chops with white bean ragu, French wine and service. The Profiterolles dessert is special. Their "coffee" is a bold Americano, even to go.
  2. Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken - Having dined at multiple locations, this is second only to the Memphis original. Crisp and spicy!
  3. Biscuits & Groovy - Gloria Gaynor. Johnny Hash. Creative, cool, and delicious. 
  4. Easy Tiger - A fabulous chocolate almond pastry, filled with almond cream in the bake shop for breakfast. The beer garden for later.
  5. Vince Young Steakhouse - It is difficult to beat a well-stocked bar and prime beef.

Best Cocktail 

Gin & Jam at Second Bar + Kitchen