One Year Of Wine

Today marks one year of Van The Wine Man online.

At Peter Luger - Reservations in background

At Peter Luger - Reservations in background

It has been fun traveling from coast to coast, connecting with many people responsible for delivering outstanding wines and restaurant service. Then, meeting even more consumers like myself, and sharing our experiences. The exploration was exhilarating, and memories satisfying.

I am even more excited about the next year. This first year was about proving to myself that I could keep the blog consistent, and make it relevant. Now, I expect an upgrade, from more helpful and timely content, to greater interaction with fellow and future winos. 

Good wine, and learning all about it, continues to become more easily accessible. I will continue on the path of guiding you to memorable and satisfying wining and dining experiences, and hope you will share your discoveries. Thank you for going on this journey with me.