Wine Tasting And Changing Tastes

Have you ever found a wine you really enjoyed, so you bought more, but when you tried it again you were really disappointed? While the wine could be different, it more likely could have been factors affecting your sense of taste that was responsible for the let down. 

A multitude of signals are combined by our brains to tell us what we are tasting. The process is complicated by approximately everything around and about us. Consider just a few things that can have impact on taste:

  • Air
  • Weather
  • Our and others' clothing
  • Who sat at the table before us
  • Fragrances, candles, and air fresheners
  • What was used to clean the glass, table, or room
  • What we ate or drank earlier
  • Our mood

The influences on our individual tastes are limitless and confounding. And cause constant adapting, expanding or contracting, and changing of our tastes. If you have a disappointment with a wine you previously liked, give it another try later. Your tastes may be leveraged by something other than the wine!