Cool Red Wines For Summer?

If the idea of "cool" and "red" applied to wine seems out of the ordinary, it is because we typically drink red wine that is too warm. The concept of chilling red wines may take some getting used to, but is worth trying out. Especially when the summer heat is on.

Finer wines and heavier reds will not display their full aromatic character and complexity if too cool. But chances are, you have never had a red wine that was "too cool". Reds should be optimal when served between fifty-five and sixty-five degrees. A half-hour in the refrigerator before pulling the cork will give you a refreshingly different version of your favorite wine. Heat, even prolonged exposure to room temperature, is a primary enemy of red wine. If keeping an open bottle in the refrigerator will help sustain it for multiple days, why wouldn't cooling it briefly before opening make it more drinkable?

Maybe you don't want to put ice in your red wine, but give the chill a chance for a satisfying summer experience.

My preferred wine for outdoor grilling season is a light and fruity Barbera. What about you? What is your favorite chilled red wine for summertime?