Wine Drinking 101: Try More Wines

At a recent social hour, an entrepreneur I was speaking with said, “I need to find a way to learn more about wine so that when I order in a restaurant I don’t feel like an idiot.” He was pondering what books to read, or if he should enroll in a wine course. I encouraged him to simply try more wines. Lots more wines. 

Tasting enough wine so that you know for certain that you have found wines you truly like to drink is key to your wine drinking happiness. A broad range of tastings is the foundation of your learning experiences, from which you fine-tune personal preferences. You are sure to drink some wines you wish you had not, but do not be discouraged. If the wine you had with dinner is not something you would immediately be happy to drink again, move on and try another. With a growing abundance of fine choices, average wine, according to your personal opinion, simply will not do.

For the most educational approach to wine drinking, tasting in volume is the first class. And continuing education is required!