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Vintage Plays the Hits Volume II Red Blends

  • Vintage Wine Bar 324 East 1st Street Tulsa, OK, 74120 United States (map)

Red blends are hot right now. Like, Eddie Murphy in the 80s hot. According to some studies that we may have completely fabricated, domestic interest in the red blend category has grown from “Mildly Curious” in 2010 (the year that Apothic Red dropped) to the “Put That Fruity Red Goodness in Our Mouths Right The F*** Now” fever pitch of enthusiasm we see today.

But here’s a curveball for you. Despite their surging popularity, hardly anyone in this country cares to spend more than $20 max retail for a red blend, with the notable exception of The Prisoner which sold approximately (and we may be taking some liberties here) 783 million bottles last year at the $40+ price point. Is it because we Americans feel that single varietal wines (e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir) are inherently superior? While it’s true that, just like an aria or instrumental solo, a single varietal wine can be a work of beauty, a great red blend is like a jazz quartet that gets along naturally, the sum being greater than the individual players. And what could be more American than a group of diverse elements joining together to form something great? Why, that’s the American way itself. We at Vintage feel as if we’d be doing our great nation as well as you a disservice if we didn’t shine a light on these wines. Rather patriotic of us, yes?

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