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VINTAGE DOES ESPAÑA Part 3: Northern Spain

  • Vintage Wine Bar 324 East 1st Street Tulsa, OK, 74120 United States (map)

Part 3: Northern Spain: The Green and Drizzly Part of the Country You Probably Don’t Think About All That Often

Spain is a hot, desert-like country where the people eat a diet comprised wholly of tapas, take siestas, and attend bullfights on the weekend. That would be completely true if it weren’t for the undeniable fact that that’s, actually, largely untrue. All told, Spain has more geographic and cultural diversity than perhaps any other country in Europe and its wines are an apt reflection of that diversity.

Consider northern Spain, a maritime region of lush green hills and, more often than not, very rainy days. The wines from here are the opposite of the sunbaked, high octane reds that seem to litter the Spanish section of every liquor store in town. Here instead we find white wines of elegance and precision and red wines of subtlety and balance. With the exception of Albariño which has become increasingly familiar to wine drinkers around the world, the grapes from this region are virtually unknown and rarely grown outside the area. But just because you may not know them yet doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time. These wines are delicious and are only now finally getting the due they deserve. Edaria! (That means “drink” in Basque country. There are five languages spoken in Spain. It’s complicated.)

Host by Tony Collins
4pm - 7pm