Wine Stories - Allora Vineyards

Wines are always accompanied by stories. My friends gifted me two delightful wines from Allora Vineyards. I was not familiar, so I read up on their history. Owner Terry Klein spent his teenage years in Napa Valley, and dreamed making fine wine. Returning as an adult with his wife Nancy, they purchased a pasture in St. Helena in 1998, and commenced growing what would become Allora. In a short time, they have turned out a solid product line from their former pasture. 

Allora Vineyards Lusso Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - With tannins smoothed out, a gentle giant emerged. Layers of complexity expressed themselves over time, with red berries, chocolate, and wood tones. A 100% Cabernet Reserve wine.

Allora Vineyards Cielo Red Proprietary Blend 2011 - A rustic, slightly spicy wine reflecting Italian style. Also very smooth, and dry at the end. The blend is 75% Sangiovese and 25% Cabernet. 

Additional wines include a Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc.

Another story is on the Lusso label, which features the art of Margaret Keane, famous for her Big Eyes paintings and the 2014 film centered on her life story. In the poster the label is taken from, three young women sit contemplating over their wine. Looking closely, you can see a tiny Cielo bottle on the right side of the print.