Wine Cork Conversations

The cork may be as socially impactful as wine itself. I have heaps of corks displayed or stashed in a variety of containers around my house, where their colors and names add visuals to the sharing of experiences. But conversations around these small stoppers are much greater than these conversations in my kitchen.

Corks vs "other" closures is a subject of hot debate and lobbying. Discussion carries on regarding sustainability, costs, and corked wines. While natural corks remain the preferred method of closure by winemakers, the competition is inching closer. 

Recycling and repurposing of corks appears fit to take off, with ReCork claiming to have collected over forty-nine-million. As more people drink wine regularly, expect to see additional drop-off points as cork recycling goes mainstream.

Decor and the use of corks for artistic expression is an expansive industry for both professionals and hobbyists. Just search "wine corks" on Pinterest. You could possess the ideas or designs to become the next (first?) famous cork artist of the world!

Do you have a side in the cork vs other debate,  or would you miss corks if they were only used for ultra-premium wines? What do you do with your wine corks? Post a comment, or a picture of your cork project for me to share.