Wine Buying Strategy

Wine is to be savored, to make a meal into an experience, or for celebration. Why complicate the good times with a term like strategy? With so many choices available, it can be challenging to determine the wines that are right for you. Whether you are desiring to expand into different styles, or just beginning to drink wine regularly, there are benefits to following a basic strategic plan for buying wine.

Drink More Wine

Plan from the beginning to try different wines, and don't be satisfied after tasting only five or ten. I'm talking dozens! Initially, try whites and reds of several different varietals. Be alert to tasting opportunities at restaurants and retailers, and make a habit of asking for tastes of wine by the glass options at restaurants. After you find some standouts, try similar wines from different producers and years. Also try wines made from the same grapes in other countries. As you taste, record each wine and style and what you like or why you dislike them, and keep your notes organized. You will soon have personal big (wine) data and telling trends of your preferences. Determine where you want your wine journey to take you next, and prepare for some homework.  

Due Diligence

Do you want more of your favorites, or to go in another direction? Are you looking for values, or to experiment with some higher-priced options. With a destination in mind, and armed with details of your personal inclinations, take advantage of the vast online resources ready to contribute to your exploration. By following several preferred writers, you will receive an ongoing stream of commentary on all things wine. This is only the beginning, as included will be links to additional related wine talk. Combine these with your own observations, and you can really geek out on wine. But then you may not have time to try the wines. So don't over-saturate. Pick two or six or seventeen authorities, read a few minutes each day, take more notes, and continue your advancement.

Good Is What You Like 

The outstanding opportunity in all these choices is that you will find as many different wines as you desire, that are available, affordable, and delicious! Key to successful wine enjoyment is remembering that you make the rules on what wines are "right" for you. If you like it, then it is right, and you are likely to be surprised at the number of wines that qualify as such. Approach wine with the expectation of tasting in volume that would impress a wine critic. Put some effort into researching and recording your experiences. You will find benefits in confidence, savings, and will always be drinking the right wines.

What is your wine buying strategy? Next week, I will talk more about notes and why you want to write them.