When Spouses Disagree About Wine

It is fortunate for me that my wife is just as big a wine lover as I am. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee we are always in agreement. With the dog days of summer upon us, one of those disagreements, the drinking of white wine, arises regularly. I enjoy a variety of whites. For an opposing point of view, I am happy to introduce my first guest wino, Wife of Wine Man…


Instead of white wine

So it's hotter than a Dallas billionaire's trophy wife believes she is. This raises a dilemma in the Van The Wine Man household. Wife of Wine Man (that's me) doesn't like white wine. 

I know, I know. Blah blah. Every now and then an extremely chilled Sauvignon Blanc, that has strong essence of grapefruit and/or tastes like it was rolling around with those stones you used to get in your jeans pockets in the eighties, since the eighties, will work. Other than that, I'm out. 

(My undaunted wine hero did chill a red for me recently more than the norm. And you know what? Loved it!) 

All the pros always tout “no rules” and “drink what you like”, so there you go! What's your wine answer to fry an egg on the sidewalk temps?