Sold Out - When You Can't Find Your Favorite Wine

You've worked your wine buying strategy, tasted countless wines, and discovered a standout. You've bought the preferred bottle numerous times, but now the rack at your wine store is empty. The helpful staff searches, but the report comes back that it is no longer available. You check inventory at nearby stores, and even online, but it's all gone. You remember that new vintage of the same wine is in-stock, so you give it a try, but it's...different. Not bad, just not what the previous year was. 

With wines produced in limited quantities, this scenario can be expected. But do not despair! With so many choices available, there is a new favorite, quite possibly a better one, waiting to be discovered.

For example, I personally enjoy Carneros Pinot Noirs. In a few years time, as availability of my chosen wines have dried up, I have explored my way through a series of five go-to bottles from four producers. I would be excited to find one of the older wines, but I am just as satisfied with the current offerings.

what to do

Think about trying something geographically similar, a label from the same area and year as your favored wine. Or, move into wines made from the same grape in another region or country. Your trusted wine store representative will be glad to help with suggestions. 

Continue exercising your tasting strategy, and you'll soon find new wines to rave about.