So Many Choices

Wine is more abundant, accessible, and exciting than ever before! Over a series of weekly posts, I will write about developing a personalized, systematic approach of wine discovery to help make the potentially complicated buying process an enjoyable experience.

To start, here is a quick overview of the wine buying landscape. In a twenty-year period ending in 2012, we have witnessed a five-fold increase in producing wineries in the United States, which now number well over eight-thousand. Forty-one states produced wine in 2013. Additionally, there are an inestimable number of garagistas and home-vintners. And these are only the U.S. statistics, with approximately ninety-percent of wine produced in other countries. Everyone, it seems, is making wine.

Wines of some quality are rated by influential critics like Robert Parker, and still more are reviewed by individuals on socially-oriented websites like CellarTracker. Wineries, trade groups, distributors, retailers, and restaurants expose the public to marketing and public relations for select products. The internet moves the surrounding wine discussion at a breakneck pace. More wines are for sale in more states in more stores and restaurants…

With all the great wine choices, and the noise accompanying them, acquiring the wines you like may appear to be an overwhelming proposition. But the selection of wines and associated information are great developments for wine drinkers. Now, every wine you drink should be a pleasurable experience. We just have to keep the buying process simple, and fun!

Next week, I will write about a strategic foundation for your personal wine buying system.