Saving Wine - Put A Cork In It

Surprisingly often, I find myself with leftover wine. I cannot bear the idea of pouring out good wine, even if it is only a glass or less. What is the best way to preserve open wine?

Contraptions vs the cork

Numerous stoppers, vacuums, and similar gadgets are on the market, and promoted as being progressively improved to better save your open wine. However, I find that for short-term storage, a cork is equally as effective. Use a cork that is not dried out, and fits tightly in the mouth of the bottle. Then put the wine in your refrigerator. With these simple steps, red wine will remain fresh for several days, and white wine even longer. 

This was confirmed by a tasting experience I enjoyed at the upscale Fearing's Restaurant, where I was served a red wine that had been open for three days. It was sealed only with the cork and kept climate controlled, and drank pleasantly.

give wine a chance

Many wines are naturally built to last. I recommend that you always keep any amount of extra wine, as it is easily, freely, secured and stored. Even if you do not refrigerate the wine, it will stay alive for another day or two. The wine's taste may change, and you may not want to serve it as the first wine for a dinner party, but there is a good chance it will remain more than drinkable. And only your taste can say for sure when it has "gone bad." 

How do you preserve your open wine?