Raising Expectations Of Restaurant Service

Excellent service is often the determining factor in our dining satisfaction. With delicious foods and drinks, the hospitality provided by the staff completes the best experiences. If the meal was not up to par, consideration by staff and management can cover over the disappointment, to an extent. Or, if service is lacking, an otherwise outstanding meal may be ruined. Why, then, do we often tolerate average service, allowing it to dampen our enjoyment of dining out, and pay a premium for it in the form of gratuity? 

Without relieving restaurant ownership of their obligation, we the consumers bear responsibility to repair this predicament. We must not be lazy about what we expect in dining service, on the basis of what is habitual, convenient, or socially-accepted. By raising our expectations, and following through by expressing our desires, firmly when necessary, we will impact our individual servers, and their management. When we make our preferences known, the restaurant staff can choose to accommodate us, or not. Often, with clear direction, they will deliver on our highest expectations.

Then it is back on us to patronize restaurants known for delivering the best service, and avoid those that offer less. The choice is simple and practical, but we must care more about the outcome when making it.