Keep Tasting - For Wine Satisfaction

Purple Cafe & Wine Bar, Seattle's wine tower

Purple Cafe & Wine Bar, Seattle's wine tower

I have regular conversations with people who have frustrations with finding wines they enjoy. Some even conclude that they do not really like wine! They are typically lighter wine drinkers, and have limited experience tasting different styles. I always ask if they have a favorite from the past, and what it was. If they have one, it becomes easy to recommend options. If not, then the answer is likely to try more wine. 

At a recent tasting, I tried fourteen wines, seven each of whites and reds. While I would happily drink most of them, none were overly impressive to me, and I did not have a favorite. This is rare, but it was a small event, and when it does happen, the only course of action is to prepare for the next tasting. 

If finding the right wine for you is a challenge, simply keep tasting. Take advantage of wine by the glass and sample pours when dining out, and make notes about your likes and dislikes. Ask advice from knowledgeable restaurant staff members, wine retailers, and friends. When you find a wine you like, buy a bottle of it, and a couple more from the same region and year for comparison.

There are too many good choices, literally thousands of wines, for you to not really love what you are drinking. But with this volume, the overwhelming majority of wines are not going to be something you love, so press on. Experiment often, and you will discover wines that you find to be satisfying.