Full Circle Wine Tasting Experience

Here is an example of a wine discovery experience going full-circle, highlighted with some of my most-popular posts:

A tAsting Strategy

I tasted over thirty wines at an event when I found the first bottling of Gehricke Carneros Pinot Noir 2012. It was clearly one of the best at the time, and after a stand-alone bottle for confirmation, it was time to buy it up. I shopped several local stores until I found the most attractive price, and purchased several bottles.

if you like it...

I enjoyed and shared the initial bottles over the next two months, and the wine was a consistent favorite, scoring well even among friends that do not like (?) Pinot Noir. After much travel, including tasting trips to Oregon and Las Vegas, and hundreds of wines, the Gehricke ended up as my top wine pick of the year. But while continuing to buy and drink the wine, I began to notice something...

buy it all

Supply was running out. I went on a quick spree and purchased the last bottles at my shops. I asked a couple of stores to check with the distributor, which confirmed the sold out status. A search on the producer's site now finds the nearest bottles six-hundred miles away.

I always feel accomplished when I recognize and introduce others to a wine that later becomes mainstream, and especially when I have a few bottles held back for the future. For now, it is back to the tasting trail to find another highly recommended.

Have you tried the Gehricke? What did you think?