Don't Run Out Of Wine - Simple Service

You put time and effort into deciphering a wine list, find the bottle that excites you, wait with anticipation for an extended time, and the server finally reports that the restaurant is out of it. Matthew Kaner names this scenario as a motivator for the "no wine list" concept of Bar CovellFew occurrences have the ability to crash and burn a dining experience faster and more decisively.

A restaurant verifying available wines before each dining window should be an obvious and increasingly easy task. Wines without sufficient number can be removed from the list, or at the very least the wait staff will be prepared in advance for selections with limited quantities. Wines that do run out can be crossed off the list (or board) to notify staff and patrons, and manage expectations.

Why would management take a chance that you will not order that wine?  Simple, consistent inventory management and adjustments, along with courteous communication, will insure the restaurant always has your wine satisfaction in mind.