Coffee To Go - Simple Service

Coffee to go: Simple satisfaction

Coffee to go: Simple satisfaction

After dining out, coffee to go is one of my favorite things, a finishing touch that extends the experience, potentially for hours. I almost always ask for it if the coffee was good, even in hot seasons.

I am disappointed at the number of restaurants that serve coffee, but do not have hot beverage to go cups of any sort. I have had burning hot coffee delivered to me in a soft drink cup, too hot to hold comfortably, with a lid made for a straw-only. Some servers get creative, which I like. However, drinking coffee from a short, broad soup bowl can be unwieldy. I ponder how many gallons of good coffee, that could have been sent out with happier diners, are disposed of on a daily basis.

Shout outs for coffee to go are to Bouchon Las Vegas, and BBD II The Deuce, from my home plate of Tulsa. My waiter at Bouchon offered me coffee to go, surprisingly rare for a fine dining establishment. Cooley and the gang at BBD II almost always offer one to go. 

For simple service, coffee to go is one of the easiest, fastest, most-efficient, and cheapest ways to satisfy.