About Van The Wine Man

I am not a sommelier or restaurateur, but a super-consumer of wine and fine dining.  

Wine appreciation accelerated in my early adulthood, and I have enjoyed thousands of wines from all over the world. I experiment constantly, seeking out educational and social opportunities with winemakers, sommeliers, and celebrities willing to share their wine experiences and influences. I avidly read wine publications in a consistent, concerted regimen for the discovery of fulfilling wine experiences. 

I dine out daily, and studiously search for delightful local establishments. Excellent service is the rare component that turns a dining event, with all its foods, drinks, people, and places, into an experience. I maintain the highest of expectations, and I am particularly sensitive to the services I receive while on the quest for the impressive and outstanding. 

Marketing restaurants has taken me behind the scenes of numerous wine programs and staff trainings. I have organized, promoted, and volunteered for wine and food events, and hosted wine tastings, gaining additional perspectives of hospitality and service.  

I am based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where much of my tasting and experimentation takes place. I have the opportunity to travel regularly, and make wine and food exploration a priority wherever I go. 

Your favorite restaurant undoubtedly employs a knowledgable individual responsible for the management of the wine program. Additionally, this person likely holds a leadership position when it comes to service. This dedication to excellence in both wine and service often makes "the wine man" the most visible and primary contributor, outside of the chef, to your overall satisfaction. 

The purpose of Van The Wine Man is to make a similar contribution. I drink wine and dine out frequently, and want to help you to have better experiences. My goal is that commentary from wine tastings, restaurant service, and wine and restaurant promotion will help guide you to memorable and satisfying wining and dining.